Craftsperson Types – Which Are You?

Craftspeople read through these twelve types and see if you can recognise yourself.

 Of course you won’t be able to, but I bet your friends will see you loud and clear in one of these types below

The Phoenix

Keeps reinventing it’s business, to the confusion of their customers and finally to their own confusion. The next big idea is always the One. They end up drowning in a  gaggle of websites and aliases.

The Eeyore

Anticipates everlasting disaster, their gloom drives customers away. They dislike their customers anyway because they blame them for not buying . The Eeyore sees its medical conditions as a great conversation opener.

The Cuckoo

Has derivative products,  always producing  what every one else is doing: the cupcakes, bunting, seashells, beach hut, shabby chic,  vintage  vibe. They are never ahead of the pack but nor are they ever far behind. They excel at marketing and have lovely looking displays and websites. Very often they used to work in PR.  Never known to under price their pieces.

The Ostrich

Has their head in the sand about progress and figures, hears only what they want too. Says things like “I have faith that this will work ” Can get into terrible debt and is is often financing their crafts business out of  a redundancy payment.

The Wren

Shy, retiring, hesitant, apologetic, timorous.  Explains everything wrong with their pieces, “that should really be longer, I didn’t get the colour quite right there.” Is pathetically grateful to her customers and will do what ever they ask. Favourite word is “sorry”. Sometimes unbelievably successful, but you would never guess.

The Peacock

Mainly spotted at craft fairs and teaching workshops showing off. Has a loud penetrating voice, flamboyant plumage, is larger than life and  frequently male. Attractive to some and repugnant to others, has their own coterie, and  a tendency to bully.

The Mother Hen

Her stall looks like a jumble sale, her website bursting at the seams with conflicting messages and her artist profile will tell you about her family. Her work is apparently  photographed at twilight and is never centre frame. She is a skilled crafts woman  invariably making something ugly and unfashionable. She is liked by all and always has toffees in her bag.

The Dodo

Doesn’t take credit cards, doesn’t have a website, doesn’t have email and doesn’t drive and is glad to tell you so as if it’s an achievement and makes them mysteriously superior to the poor mortals who can do all those things.

The Beaver

Never stops, works away; never flies, never drowns. Lives on an even keel, sensible, reliable, content. Sells steadily and has a weekly routine.

The Rottweiler

Believes in standing up for herself ( they are generally female) can be found hunting down the organiser at craft fairs and laying down the law in online forums. Has a slightly patronising way with customers. mostly all bark, they are mortified if told they are aggressive. 

The Queen Ant

An Empire builder who talks the talk and walks the walk of a big conglomerate. They are totally money orientated. They have business names that end in  They shamelessly self promote and network. Their conversation is all about themselves. Their actual product is underwhelming . Queen Ants metamorphise into business gurus but they boss their clients rather than nurturing them.

The Thoroughbred

Comes from money, is the arty one in her set, primarily sells to friends who she advises on all matters arty, most likely to be found at the Selvedge Fair. Can be a bit icy to customers she wasn’t brought up with.

Which am I?

I am the product of a brief but passionate liaison between a Phoenix and a Rottweiler

Which is most you?

Do the poll and lets see  what the predominant type is. If you think that like me you are a hybrid then tick the two most like you, but please don’t tick more than two. Then hit vote. If you had fun then leave me a comment or write me another crafts person type


40 thoughts on “Craftsperson Types – Which Are You?

  1. rolleramamama says:

    Reblogged this on Rollerama Mama and commented:
    I have to say this is my new favourite blog: I’m not a massive blog follower but I love Dixie’s honesty, her ability to see straight to the point and how much she CARES about art, craft and the people who make it. What a star. Please vote on what kind of craftsperson/artist you are!

  2. Chris Fox says:

    I think I’m a Beaver, though I’m generally too busy working to think much about it …….

    ……… and I noticed a little reference there to the fact that not all Craftspeople are female ….. thankyou !


  3. Dixie says:

    Romilly you are a Queen Ant. You are, you are, you are! In fact quite the classic form. Everyone seems to be on the Beaver Wren spectrum but you are off carveing through the clear waters of Antdom. Be Proud

  4. Romilly says:

    Um… the union of a Phoenix and a Beaver? I refuse to think I might be a Queen Ant, even if my company name IS Golden Circle DESIGNS (and .com because it’s online – the registered name doesn’t have the .com – does that matter?)

  5. Dixie Nichols says:

    Makes you think doesn’t it. I like the rabbit, I wish I was more rabbit as I am so slow.
    But I think results are slow so I dispute the turtle bit. Progress is more like climbing up a terrace an advance then a plateau then another advance. But some of those plateaus feel like a halt.

  6. Mary says:

    I’m probably everything, but the Peacock, Wren, Dodo, Rottweiler, The Queen Ant, and Throughbred. Maybe I should have been those instead? I’m more like an actual Rabbit and Turtle. Always quick at everything, but slow at getting results. Hmmmm? That doesn’t sound too good either huh?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very clever. Shamefully I feel I must be a mix of Phoenix, Cuckoo and Wren. I flit from one idea to the next and am always apologetic, This past year I came to the point of hiding my whole website from everyone I know (except hubby) so I didn’t have to I take on board their ‘creative criticism’.
    If the dodo doesn’t vote it will become extinct.

    • Dixie Nichols says:

      Yeah poor Dodo but it sees extinction as another achievement.

      You should be pleased to be a mongrel, they cope with all that life has to throw.

      But thinking about it, you are probably Wren through and through. You think you are copying other people’s ideas (Cuckoo)you loose confidence and start again ( Phoenix ) you are battered by advice and its all because you are pure timorous Wren. My advice? Pretend to be an Eagle and stop believing in everyone else but you Ms Wren.

  8. Dixie Nichols says:

    What are you building ? I would really like to know, what ever it is it will suceed.

    I thought how are the Dodos going to vote as by definition they can’t see the quiz, should we vote on their behalf, If we know a Dodo should we vote for them so that it is properly scientific?

    But then how do we know that somebody else hasn’t already voted for them? What if there is actually only one Dodo craftsman in the world ,but they are tremendously social and know Everybody ? They have lots of extra time as they are off line so they have time to party. How ever do serious researchers manage?

    • Cynthia says:

      My dodo-ism is selective – I am social media hip (ish) but total dodo mechanically – no car, no microwave, etc. I think I am going to build – a little cautiously – a business based on my handmade jewellery and luxury evening handbags. Still in first stages “testing” my products and markets and trying to figure out how to do this, if at all. I need to get over a new-year hump with the day job, and then hope later this month to focus on the planning and start up of this concept. Your blog and your very realistic and detailed stories of other craftspeople and how they are working it all out is a fantastic resource, I am still reading the 100+ comments on the seven deadly sins and thinking through those lessons! Big thank you for your work here!

      • Dixie Nichols says:

        Soon as you have time, show me some pics of your pieces and I will tell you what I think of them because they have to have something about them to work. I am really curious to see. I will help you in any way that I can. There is another post you should look at that allows you to think about your chances of suceeding Its the third link down under the quizes.

  9. Cynthia says:

    oooooohhhhh dear… I was laughing till I hit the Dodo… the bit about not driving. Ouch! I will get my license again, once my Portuguese is good enough to take the exam, promise! These are good warnings to bear in mind as I try to build a craft based business, thank you!!

  10. Tammy says:

    What great descriptions and they made me laugh! After reading them a couple of times, I think I am an odd hybrid of a Phoenix and a Mother Hen with some beaver tendencies.

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