Extra Pickings

There is something I want you to do.

So I am going to show you lots of pictures of Pandas

Giant panda 2

This is you, a lonely craftsperson trying to make your way in a world

where people seem keen to keep their money in their pockets


Sometimes it feels like you are not winning and you could do with some help


What if you could get some help for free,

that would be amusing and easy to understand

and would only waste your time to make you smile

but would sometimes be helpful


And would make you feel less isolated and not the only craftsperson facing difficulties


So this thing that I am suggesting, you would give it a try wouldn’t you?


It’s really quite nice

 Giant Pandas Tian Tian Yang Guang celebrate first Christmas Edinburgh Zoo with extra helpings cake 7

In fact it definitely is

Giant Pandas Tian Tian Yang Guang celebrate first Christmas Edinburgh Zoo with extra helpings cake 8

Its called Extra Pickings

It comes to your mail box

It has the pick of  Handmade Lives’ contributions

Which have not appeared here

Giant Pandas Tian Tian Yang Guang celebrate first Christmas Edinburgh Zoo with extra helpings cake 4

As you have better things to do than chase round after Handmade Lives all day to see what I said

 On the Facebook Page or  Twitter or on all those forums


So what do you need to do ?

Just click here and Extra Pickings will be yours


Now all you have to do is relax and wait for the next mailing

Lucky you, I have to write it

11 thoughts on “Extra Pickings

  1. Iwona Charleson says:

    Fantastic blog and advice. I’ve been selling locally for a number of years but just opened Folksy shopfront. I’ll be signing up for your words of wisdom too. Intrigued as to what kind of buttons you make? All the best Iwona

  2. vjstracener says:

    I’ve been reading through your posts and I have to say my mind is blown. It is awesome. Thank you for all these thoughts. I am just starting out and your advice will help me tremendously.

  3. polly mitchell says:

    Thank you ,Dixie, have signed up, also enjoying the buttons I bought from you, now on a newly knitted cardigan
    best wishes Polly

    • Dixie Nichols says:

      Excellent and I love the cross over between the two worlds, it feels very comfortable and stops me getting too cocky in telling others how to do it when I know many of those who are reading me know the reality of my own business.

  4. Barbara says:

    Lovely, clever post. You are so right! i am just getting started & cannot imagine where the hours to create are if we have to keep up withh Etsy, Facebbok,Twitter, linkdin, Pinterest, & whatever else comes along. And, I know I waste way too much time on Pinterest! Don’t really use FB or Twitter. I’m signing up. Great idea, 1 email, all the info in 1 place. Thanks!

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