Lady luck

Craftspeople might like to think that they are self-reliant, but the truth is they are totally dependant on luck.  If you create, your  exposure to the Gods is huge .

But sometimes, just sometimes; you get thrown a handful of completely gratuitous and unexpected luck. That’s where these eerily magical photographs come from. Just plain right place, right time, had camera and held it up and clicked.

This picture of the abandoned school on the hill was taken on the walk home when the rain had stopped. But when we first passed it was pouring,  there would be nobody to stop me, so I  nosed around thinking about  how the children who had been to school here would now be adults.

At first the windows were too high to see in, but then I found one I could see into, someone must have lived in the school fairly recently but they are not there now

Ghostly reflections start to happen

There is nothing but rain and strangeness I am just holding the camera up to get the pictures

Then the sun drills through the rain

Now all the elements are drifting together

You can see my hands holding the camera reflected in the window but more images are reflecting onto the camera of the windows on the furthest side and the sky behind me reflects onto the glass and yet more reflections inside or outside to the right. Remember I can’t see what the camera can, I am below the window holding  the camera up above my head

Completely amazing

Then the rain stopped and the magic just slipped away