Craftspeople online brick by brick



A blog is the place to break your craft’s business’ online virginity. Write about your start-up.

 Blogging gives you perspective and  gains you sympathisers

Keep it simple, keep it short, honest, picture led and weekly .

 Do not expect sales. But picture your product regularly, give price and dimensions each time.

Follow other craftspeople and comment on their posts. Thats how you get some of their followers.

Only blog if you find writing easy, if  it’s a struggle skip this step. Poor writers aren’t read

Probably the simplest first time host for your blog is Google’s Blogger.

Later you will link your blog into your website.

brick captioned Twitter

Twitter is a strange creature, 

but it makes immediate connections and acts as a valuable online pointer

 It’s not just about those 140 characters, it ‘s about links & pictures.

Your task is to amuse yourself and other people.

 It’s the casual gathering round the water cooler, it’s an audience.

If you use it just for marketing, people will unfollow.

  Don’t fill it with endless @ messages as that puts off new visitors.

Use @business name


brick captioned marketplace

Now you have a clearer idea of  your product and pricing,

 and  a trickle of followers from your blog and Twitter,

so you need somewhere  online to direct people to buy

Look at a handful of sites.

Look at the fees, who is selling well, does it feel appropriate ?

Pick one with fees per sale, not upfront and without a lengthy  buyers’  registration

Don’t fall for the “You have been selected” routine.

Read  forums associated with your target to get a truer picture.

If you opt for a giant like Etsy you will be swamped by competition,

 But it has strong support forums which you will learn a lot from

Buying into a marketplace gains you a shop  NOT a shop front

customers will only come from your efforts to direct them there

brick captioned FACEBOOK PAGE

Now a  Facebook Page  to further expand your online audience.

This is a Facebook Page with your business name.

This is where to chat,  inform and amuse.

You will get regulars who will help spread the word.

Link your Facebook Page new product pieces directly to your online shop


Brick captioned OWN WEBSITE

 You now know your business well .

 You  have built an online audience through your blog,Twitter & Facebook Page

 You have made your mistakes in your market place

 so you are at last equipped to create your own website which will give you

Complete control and no  same site competition

Web designers pull towards their usual way of doing sites, be sure you get what you want.

Search other sites for elements you like, but don’t be too flash. People need calm to stay and choose

You must have  direct shopping on your site using Paypal or similar.

Your SHOP must be at the heart of everything

Part of the design brief needs to be to teach you how to directly run the site.

If you go for an off the peg, easy build,  low cost site then look at Create as its established and UK based



  Use the comments to ask questions and to make as many wall and brick jokes as you can as in “Hi Dixie I have hit a brick wall with….”