Art in Clay Hatfield

It was wet


It was muddy

Photo taken by exhibitor Pat Southwood

Even in the show tents

Photo taken by a squelching Pat Southwood

Even behind the stands the water oozed you needed to dress for Glastonbury and the English Summer

Photo by comfy Pat Southwood

But potters are  resourceful and they stayed happy.

 These are exhibitor Norfolk ceramacist Pat Southwood’s sleeping arrangements

Those trainers were new and steaming on the kiln but these guys are perfectly happy

 The food wagons

There was lots of food choice


But  everywhere to eat it got soaked because  the rain blew in under the awnings.

 On the Sunday the fair had to compete with the Men’s Wimbledon Final, Formula One, The Olympic Torch coming to Hatfield and torrential rain. So there were not many visitors but those who came were very committed and bought.

 Anyway who needs visitors as potters all rush round and buy each other’s work. Lift the skirts of any stall and you would see a stash of other people’s pots. Whether real money passed hands between potters I don’t know.

Talkative Anthony Barclay’s stand had the best display  I saw.

He has made you see the pots at home without being twee. The half closed cupboard is really clever as then you imagine more glorious pots hidden behind. It works as white space on a page sending your eye back to the pots.

The best newcomer I thought  was Liver bird Michelle Cox  who is benefiting from the Adopt -a -Potter scheme and is working in Emma Rodger’s studio for a year. Look more closely at the bushy ragglety tail, yup its the hounds in full cry.

Two lolling long limbed dogs

Like all the best makers she has no idea how good she is, look how that dog spreads just one  claw as he stretches. if you have a dog you know that’s what they do.

slipware Hannah McAndrew jug

This was my major purchase a Hannah McAndrew beauty

deep yellow glazed Dough Fitch jug

I bought it to keep my lovely Doug Fitch jug company which I bought because I saw a video of him making it on his blog and simply needed it

The bottom line on Art in Clay  at Hatfield

It costs about £450 for a stand and exhibitors for  this year’s 160 stands  were selected from 280 applicants. It’s a well-respected show and has some serious buyers. Exhibitors I spoke to seemed to be more than breaking even and there is no doubt it is the place to be seen.

 But what was the reality? Help your fellow potters by filling out the poll below

3 thoughts on “Art in Clay Hatfield

  1. Paula Downing says:

    ‘Art in Clay’ – well organised, shame about the weather!
    I had not been to Hatfield Art in Clay for several years but despite the weather and other events taking place over that weekend, it was a positive experience. Lots of cheerful helpers and the organisers coped with the adverse conditions extremely well.
    Let’s hope for better weather next year.
    Next ‘Art in Clay’ is at Farnham in November. I will be there.

  2. Richard Baxter says:

    the ‘questionnaire’ doesn’t work well as I’d like to say that Hatfield is well organised and that I made some money there and that takings were down on last year. Only one box can be ticked!

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