How to add the T to witter


Twitter is a flighty beast so your first task is to master it

So respect it

Decide what you want it to do

Recognise what your readers want from it


If you secretly think Twitter is for air heads Think again. It’s where you keep abreast of the world when you are in a hurry. It has levels, but much is deadly serious eg @BBC Breaking News. It’s a place for people power; a place to vent; a place to inform and a place to be funny.  It often works as a sign post to what is worthwhile and of interest. It’s egalitarian. So stop being snooty and try to get good at it.

What do you want  Twitter to do for you?

Companionship and advice of other crafters

 Keep my existing buyers connected

Persuade local people to come and buy

Have a say on issues that matter to me  and my work

Drive people to my online selling place

Can Twitter supply?

Twitter can do all of the above but you must hone some of your posts to your goals and keep reasonably focused.

Readers’ wants

Readers do not entirely share your goals. They really don’t want to read about your  product daily but if they find you good company they will accept a thin trickle of your self promotion.

 Think of Twitter as a social event. You can’t walk up to your target tell them what you want them to hear and walk away. You have to do all the chit-chat to slip in the core message, otherwise they will avoid you in future


It’s not about big follower numbers, it’s about the quality and suitability of your audience.

Some people follow you only to get you to follow them. No actual reading of tweets is happening.

Some  are robot triggered ( set up to follow anyone who uses their target word in a message)

If you seem to be posting into a deathly void, don’t despair. Twitter is an iceberg. Most people read and don’t respond unless they are personally addressed

Some people just use Twitter as a way of reading your latest blog posts expecting you to post the link.

Growth will just happen. Add your Twitter address here and there, but never on your online shop. Never ever send people away from your shop.

Twitter is fickle. It is  low commitment. Your task is attention seeking, while seeming not to be.


Frankly don’t bother, life is too short


Twitter’s job for the craftsman is to be a kind of rope bridge slung across the abyss to keep your business in focus for customers and fellow craftspeople. If it feels helpful, it probably is

Tweeting dos and don’ts

small gun        This indicates good idea( gun touting and cool)

twitter-2-300x178This is not such a great idea (dead)


Be outspoken. Share your real opinions, not just fluffy pink kitty chat.

You want to be remembered and nice is bland is unmemorable.

If people feel akin to you they will  respond to your product.


React, be current. As in Good morning…

thumb 2

Don’t run endless @ conversations which exclude

thumb 2

Happy Tweet when drunk but never ever Anti ones

If a tiny corner of your mind says maybe this is a bit risky then Listen and do not send


Pictures work


Never picture product without price and dimension

Assume people will want to know. That confidence spreads to buyers


Questions work well and draw in the lurking silent

thumb 2

Don’t offer a diet of undigested  links

Twitter needs to be instant gratification

thumb 2

Loose the offers and freebies for followers

You make great stuff  so act as if you do

thumb 2

Don’t re-tweet other people’s praise of you

It’s already out there in the Tweetisphere doing good

Re-tweeting it looks needy and boastful


Do punch over your weight on who you follow so you will learn to Tweet well

thumb 2

Don’t follow for a follow that is defeatist.

 Check their tweets, only follow if they amuse and interest you

thumb 2

Don’t hog people’s timeline or they will get sick of you

thumb 2

Don’t make those awful Follow Friday lists

Why would your followers check them out because you list them, you are not the Dali Lama.


Use Twitter in its own right, as an end in itself, not as a clearing station

Don’t link up with Facebook, keep it live

thumb 2

Don’t welcome new followers, just reply if they tweet you

as those welcome lists look self-congratulatory and are a waste of your followers ‘  time


The core sell on Twitter is to direct followers to new stock online

“Fantastic collection of knitted teapots ready now (link)”

thumb 2

No gushing with !!! No little girly meaningless xxx because it is inane and insincere.

Twitter Heros

inky prints

Here is a good Twitter slice You have from (bottom) question, then selling, then being current

me tweet

Here is a totally brilliant Twitter slice, brilliant because its me

 From bottom up

You have opinion and being current

 then personal engagement,

then intro of the product( ie my advice)

then the disingenuous repeating  of the pitch

Hopefully it is gently done and  recognising that my Tweets should seem a mirror of me

Eg of a great Tweet : “gloriously melting pig cheeks” @NigelSlater it has the man and his message

Another Tweet hero is @hannahmcandrew  a Scottish slipware potter with her “flip, fliperty, flip” she has constructed an accident prone, potter struggling to keep abreast of the demands and difficulties of her craft. Which is a wonderful pretext for showing us lots of product. She is very weak on dimensions and price though


Now you know how to add that vital T  you need a couple handyman tricks to maintain your account

follow @support as that tells you when Twitter is sick and updates you on changes

If your Twitter is hacked

CHANGE your PASSWORD immediately

You do that by clicking on the Gear icon on the top right of your screen

Select “Settings”

Click Password from the menu on the left and put in new password

If your account has been suspended because Twitter suspects you were hacked,

visit Twitter support to fill out a form to regain access.

 Once you regain control of your account Delete the spurious posts

you delete them by going to your Profile, hovering over the offending tweet and clicking Delete

Do everything you can to warn people what has happened so that you can minimise the damage and tell them how to put it right if they are infected by clicking on the phishing link

 Do I Have to Tweet?

Actually no you don’t.

If you get it right and enjoy it, then do, but it’s really for good writers so if you are a great craftsperson and a useless writer then walk away from Twitter

Doing it badly will not help you at all.

You can’t Tweet for Success you can only Tweet  for a bit more attention and its “softly, softly, catchee monkey” all the way.


Now that should be your Twitter all sorted if you have more questions then ask away in the comments.

If you want to know where Tweeting fits in read this post  Online brick by brick

8 thoughts on “How to add the T to witter

  1. Dottie says:

    Great article – although I disagree about any direct messaging with new followers. I find it quite rude to receive a direct message when I haven’t even tweeted with someone! Depending on the message I have been know to unfollow straight away! I think it’s like someone popping their head in the back door before they’ve even rung the bell!

    • Dixie Nichols says:

      Dottie I think you are right following is something most people do in private on second thoughts DM ing is not a good move.I shall take it out of the article right now. Thank you

  2. heather says:

    Have you come across the new (to me) spammers who favourite tweets in the hope of flattering you enough to get followed? my most recent was an american who faved my tweet to my DiL about where we had lunch, in UK of course.
    I hadn’t thought about not having a twitter link on my shops, but you’re right of course that the last thing we want is for browsers to LEAVE our shops once they’ve finally arrived.
    could you arrange to ban rows of kisses from forums too please?

    • Dixie Nichols says:

      Those bloody kisses, often they are a line of defence like the stakes that the English archers put to stop the French horses at the Battle Agincourt.
      Sometimes they just spam like your pictures but if you just follow for a follow you deserve to be spammed. It just isn’t a numbers game its about a tight group that begin to relate.

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